WEBRIBO is a database for analysis and typing of Clostridium difficile using capillary-gel-electrophoresis based PCR-ribotyping (link to the paper). Clostridium difficile capillary-gel-electrophoresis based PCR-ribotying is a modification of the conventional PCR-ribotyping developed by Stubbs et al. and modified by Bidet et al. Capillary-gel-electrophoresis based PCR-ribotying in combination with the WEBRIBO-database offers a standardized international database nomenclature for Clostridium difficile PCR-ribotyping.

You begin by importing a Excel or CSV file with the fragment lengths the Peak-heights or by manually adding data using the onlinetool. A unique identifier (ribotype) will then be assigned. If the PCR-ribotype is unknown, a preliminary identifier (preliminary ribotype) is assigned until the new Clostridium difficile ribotype is confirmed.

As registered user, data analysis is free of charge and detailed information is provided for every Clostridium difficile PCR-ribotype through the interface.

A detailed instruction (PDF) can be found here.